Micron presents SIMcheck - a toolbox for successful SIM imaging - Ball et al., Sci Reports 2015 / by Lothar Schermelleh

An open source ImageJ plugin suite for super-resolution structured illumination microscopy data quality control & processing


Three-dimensional structured illumination microscopy (3D-SIM) makes smart use of interference effects between a patterned excitation and fluorescence emission to generate high-contrast multi-dimensional super-resolution images of fixed and living specimen. Its broad application range and compatibility with standard fluorescence dyes makes 3D-SIM an attractive and accessible method for biologists. However, to generate high-quality images and extract biologically meaningful quantitative data can be a challenge task, particularly to non-specialist users.


We have developed SIMcheck, a suite of powerful plugins for ImageJ/Fiji that enables users to identify and avoid common problems and artifacts with 3D-SIM data, and assess resolution and data quality through objective control parameters. Additionally, SIMcheck provides advanced calibration tools and utilities for common image processing tasks. This open-source software is applicable to all commercial and custom platforms and will promote routine application of super-resolution SIM imaging in cell biology.


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